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I've been meaning to write my reflections about 2008 for the past no avail...ahahahaha

So here's an attempt to summarize 2008...the year that was.

I started the year with an impromptu trip to Baguio with Melissa and Melvin, had a nondescript valentine's day, and celebrated one of my best bud's Graduation on March.

Second Quarter of the year was rough...just a tad bit (a lot of goodbyes)

1) One of my Best bud left for China (work)
2) A friend's grandmother passed away
3) Learned that I have gallstones -- gave me a 180 degree lifestyle change. I said goodbye to oily foods, meat, pork, fastfood, sweets, sodas...and hello to steamed and grilled chicken and fish

July ushered in the Third Quarter with some devastating news

--my mom who returned from Oman was diagnosed with breast cancer. Initially it was a shock to us but later, hope sprang eternal. The carcinoma was at its early stage and had a 100% chance of cure.
Consequently, my mom's condition brought us spiritually and personally closer to each other, cherishing every moment of togetherness. Everyday was a day to be thankful that we were still together. And as the months eased by, the fears slowly slid away and healing comfort took over.

--as for school...everything has taken shape. I am on my way to graduation.

--work...was challenging and it was something I turned to for solace.

The Last Quarter of the year turned out to be some kind of a reunion for me and my buddies.

--it was a time to reconnect with old friends as well as make new friends.

--had my share of heartaches as well...hehehehe...learned that I've a dyslexic heart, but I was able to get through and move on with the help of my friends, coffee and spampy.

--and i ended the year with another road trip...this time to Ilocos with 2 of my friends. I Had a great time... :D

So...that's it I guess...2008.

And now...I am ready to embrace 2009 bring it on!!!

Happy New Year to all!!!


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Naniniwala akong ang bawat isa sa atin ay may luho.

Isa sa mga luho ko ay ang magpamasahe...

Kuha ito sa kwarto ko sa Sonya's Garden kung saan sinimulan ko ang taon sa pagpapa-masahe.

Hindi lang ako ang may luho nito kundi ang aking buong pamilya. Mana-mana ika nga.

Pinaglalaanan ko talaga ito ng pera at panahon...hindi puwedeng matapos ang isang linggo nang wala akong masahe.

Sarap umpisahan ang taon ng walang ano pa nga ba ang pinaka-mabisang paraan ng de-stressing kundi ang isang masarap na full body massage.

Yun nga lang bitin ako...isang oras lang kasi...di pa ko nakatulog...papunta pa lang ako sa "lala land" eh tapos na!