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I've been meaning to write my reflections about 2008 for the past no avail...ahahahaha

So here's an attempt to summarize 2008...the year that was.

I started the year with an impromptu trip to Baguio with Melissa and Melvin, had a nondescript valentine's day, and celebrated one of my best bud's Graduation on March.

Second Quarter of the year was rough...just a tad bit (a lot of goodbyes)

1) One of my Best bud left for China (work)
2) A friend's grandmother passed away
3) Learned that I have gallstones -- gave me a 180 degree lifestyle change. I said goodbye to oily foods, meat, pork, fastfood, sweets, sodas...and hello to steamed and grilled chicken and fish

July ushered in the Third Quarter with some devastating news

--my mom who returned from Oman was diagnosed with breast cancer. Initially it was a shock to us but later, hope sprang eternal. The carcinoma was at its early stage and had a 100% chance of cure.
Consequently, my mom's condition brought us spiritually and personally closer to each other, cherishing every moment of togetherness. Everyday was a day to be thankful that we were still together. And as the months eased by, the fears slowly slid away and healing comfort took over.

--as for school...everything has taken shape. I am on my way to graduation.

--work...was challenging and it was something I turned to for solace.

The Last Quarter of the year turned out to be some kind of a reunion for me and my buddies.

--it was a time to reconnect with old friends as well as make new friends.

--had my share of heartaches as well...hehehehe...learned that I've a dyslexic heart, but I was able to get through and move on with the help of my friends, coffee and spampy.

--and i ended the year with another road trip...this time to Ilocos with 2 of my friends. I Had a great time... :D

So...that's it I guess...2008.

And now...I am ready to embrace 2009 bring it on!!!

Happy New Year to all!!!



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